Our clients sit at the core of our mission and purpose.

They represent a broad range of professions, pursuits and are at different phases in their life. Most have met or engaged with a financial professional prior to contacting us, but all have unanswered questions about their financial future and how to translate their hard work into the financial independence they seek.

Explore our typical client categories and call us to discuss how we might assist you and your family.

High Profile

We work with high-net worth individuals from various industries and walks of life. Many have built their wealth independently overtime, but some have watershed circumstances that dictate an urgent need for prudent and sustain wealth preservation and management. These individuals have lifestyles and demands that require liquidity in the present, with an eye towards future investment and strategic financial opportunities that will allow them to live and work as they choose.

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Business Owner

At Northstar Wealth Partners we know Small Business Owners because many are our clients. Each has a unique situation, and even more specific list of what they are striving to accomplish in their business and over the course of their life.

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Corporate Executives

They have made sacrifices and learned the inner workings of their industry and their firm. One thing that is typically not addressed on the job or in their higher education is how to maximize the proceeds of their hard work and translate it into a sustainable future and retirement on their terms.

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As the ranks of retirees continue to rise the specific and growing challenges they face have expanded we have further refined our in-house experience to address their needs. Still, some of the social safety nets that a person approaching retirement would have depended on in the past are quickly becoming obsolete. More responsibility is being placed on each of us, individually, to have a handle on our wants and needs for this phase of our lives.

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Multi-Generational Families

The definition of family, although it can take different forms and structures, does not clearly delineate that fact that most of us wish for greater opportunity and stability for the generations we will leave behind.

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Corporations & Non-Profits

We believe that good employers attract and retain quality employees, and we are fortunate enough to serve both these groups with our financial advice and implementation services. At Northstar we provide a unique perspective an insight to the corporations and non-profits that choose use as their provider because we understand what’s at stake for senior management and employees at large.

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