Risk Management

It could be due in part to the fact that when you address risk management in a productive way you have to discuss topics that can make many people uncomfortable. Discussions of your active intentions during your life and beyond lead to productive outcomes for families and future generations alike.

We are sensitive to the concerns that surround the topic of risk management, but we remain steadfast in our commitment to addressing the needs of those we serve head on. During our risk management analysis we will discuss life insurance, why it’s important and how it can be one of the most cost effective investments you can make depending on your situation. In addition, we will address the topic of disability due to health or unforeseen circumstance. Most are unaware that standard short and long term disability through an employer during your working years will not come close to covering necessities in the event of an emergency. Finally, we close the loop by addressing long term care insurance, how it works, its tax implications and the ongoing debate over federal versus private funding for your needs.

One fact we share with all our clients, almost all those we serve who achieve financial independence in their lifetime and pass it on to the next generation have explored and implemented comprehensive risk management as part of their financial plan.