Our Vision

Our vision is probably like your own in many ways. We are passionate about financial services, and lifelong practitioners themselves with clients from across the country. Like other innovative entrepreneurs before us, we saw a lack of access to high quality financial advice and planning partnership in the marketplace.

Our vision has become Northstar’s reality with a distinctive and approachable form of financial advice, steeped in the understanding that clients stand as the cornerstone of all we do. Our experience, in-house knowledge and expanding public recognition further enforce the vision of a one to one ratio between our client families and our Wealth Advisors.

We strive to marry objectivity, strategy and ideas to one cohesive output that allows us to stand apart from our competitors. An independent advisory firm, we keep our promises and remain local, engaged and dedicated to helping our clients work towards their own financial success. You provide the direction, and we supply the path to help guide you from where you are to where you need to be.

MRR# 1-560464 – 12/2/2016