As the ranks of retirees continue to rise the specific and growing challenges they face have expanded we have further refined our in-house experience to address their needs. Still, some of the social safety nets that a person approaching retirement would have depended on in the past are quickly becoming obsolete. More responsibility is being placed on each of us, individually, to have a handle on our wants and needs for this phase of our lives.

Northstar Wealth Partners believes in the importance of retirees to their families, communities and in society at large. We seek to educate our clients in advance of retirement thus opening the door to a wider range of options and financial strategies to leverage resources during your working years. We follow a pragmatic process that allows our clients to test their hopes and compare them to the reality of what they can afford. The underlying goal being a reasonable stream of income and risk management to account for every eventuality so when our clients become retirees they can embrace the new opportunities before them and live life to the fullest.

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