Hear from Our Advisors


“As a Financial Services Professional it is important to me that the firm I am affiliated with shares my passion for objectivity, and my personal commitment to client satisfaction. There are not many firms operating in our industry today that can demonstrate both these attributes in practice.  At Northstar Wealth Partners I found objectivity and client commitment beyond my expectations. Their proactive approach to financial consulting was evident from the moment I stepped through the door. Both Founding Partners are still in practice themselves, and they understand the challenges I face. Northstar Wealth Partners embraces the opportunities that independence brings. At Northstar I have been able to achieve my full potential and as a result my practice continues to grow each and every year.”

SUCCESSION – Romaine Macomb, CFP®, AIF®

“I have worked for over two decades to establish my practice. I have a strong and loyal client base that I value. It is my personal mission to sustain this practice far into the future, which means I need to be affiliated with a firm that shares my vision for practice valuation and succession. Most financial services firms operate on the assumption that eventually a solution will appear, but they leave Advisors to their own devices to determine the fix. Not only are they putting their livelihood in jeopardy, they are jeopardizing the financial independence of each and every family they serve. I’ve always known my clients expect more from me. I’m the one that has inspired them to plan in the first place. When I first met the Founding Partners I wasn’t planning on switching broker/dealers, but I knew immediately that Northstar was different.  Here they aren’t just building a financial services business, they are building a sustainable financial services legacy. I wanted to be part of that, and I knew by making the change now I would be protecting my clients and their families as well. At Northstar sustainability and succession are part of who we are.”


Marc-Sack-sm“Many financial services firms claim they are independent. They speak about their open architecture and unlimited solutions, yet when you get beyond the claims you realize they have significant proprietary requirements that limit you as a Wealth Advisor. You can’t truly deliver what is needed to your client in every circumstance, because your solutions are limited to their menu of approved offerings. At Northstar Wealth Partners, powered by LPL Financial I found an organization that claims independence and transparency and delivers that to advisor and client alike. At NorthStar I determine the financial path of every client I serve. Yet Northstar takes independence a step further, not only do they provide an open architecture, they also afford me access to a resource team of professionals to support my practice. These human resources are made available to me locally and at the national level, all as a benefit of my affiliation. Frankly, when I first learned about Northstar Wealth Partners I thought their structure was too good to be true. I was skeptical, but after meeting with the Founding Partners I realized their firm was one of a kind.  To me their organization gave me the opportunity for the first time in my career to build my practice and my future with confidence knowing they would be with me and for me every step of the way.”

BRAND – Theresa Donatelli

tsmcl“I built my practice with the belief that the brand of the greater organization I was affiliated with is what contributed to clients hiring me as their Advisor. What I came to realize was that my clients hired me, not my brand to be with them when challenges arose in their lives. My brand, for good or for bad, wasn’t going to call them when the unforeseen occurred. My brand wasn’t going to build their retirement plan or their charitable legacy intentions for the future I was going to do that for them. It was me, not the brand they were buying. Still, their desire to know that I had other professional affiliated with me, and involved in my practice was important. They needed to know that I had resources at my disposal that were also available to them. They didn’t want to wait until something happened to ask me who they would call if I was unreachable. I realized I no longer wanted to be a revenue number on a Manager’s goal chart for the year. I wanted to operate my practice in a place where I could trust those around me, and know that they would be there for me and for my clients if the need were to arise. In Northstar Wealth Partners I found the camaraderie I had been searching for. Their local headquarters in West Hartford, Connecticut helped me see that being big, doesn’t make you better. A majority of my clients live in Connecticut and for me affiliating with Northstar Wealth Partners was like coming home.”